'85 4k quattro/trip computer accuracy

S: Parcells, Adam P (MCC Student) aparcells001 at student.monroecc.edu
Thu Apr 22 11:55:28 EDT 2004

Cool!  We're hitting Yosemite and Sequoia at the very least.
FYI, my 4KQ usually gets around 20mpg city and 25-27 highway, at least when I was keeping track.  I have a set of new Bosch Platinum 4's and will be replacing the air and fuel filters before the trip which should help.


From: John Larson [mailto:j.d.larson at verizon.net]
Sent: Wed 4/21/2004 8:42 PM
To: S: Parcells, Adam P (MCC Student)
Subject: RE: '85 4k quattro/trip computer accuracy

Hi!  Should your trip bring you to the California central coast, our German
car repair facility is ready, as always, to help a Q-lister.  I generally
have a room to crash in as well.  I'm an hour northwest of Santa Barbara,
and the same south of the southern end of the fun part of Highway 1.  John

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