'88 5ktq sometimes no start, bad Idle

tom winter tom at freeskier.com
Fri Apr 23 10:08:40 EDT 2004

Britt - You should definitely fix that manifold. And when you do, it's easy
to put the new turbo on. I did the same repair a while back and scored a
used manifold (OK, should have gotten a new one, but cost was an issue at
the time, I was really broke and the new turbo cleaned my wallet out) from
Blake's Small Car Salvage outside of Boulder. That place is a good source of
used parts as is Adams Automotive (Audi Only) in South Denver.

The snow here should be gone soon and you'll have some nice Colo spring
weather to do the work in.

Good luck


on 4/22/04 5:53 PM, Britt Crowell at britt at fortcollins.com wrote:

> So my '88tq Has some idle and sometimes starting problems.
> When it wont start it acts like it has a bad vacuum leak. i.e. starts for a
> sec then stalls.
> So I cant find any vacuum leaks from any hoses.
> Its been running for the last week or so.
> Last two days have been cold here in Colorado and it wouldn't start today.
> I've kinda had a suspicion that the injector seals are leaking.
> And the last time it wouldn't start and today I put a garden hose in the
> plastic injector cooler shroud and bam it cranked right up.
> So am I on the right track that the injector seals might be leaking that bad?
> It only likes to Idle about 600-700rpm too. and occasionally pops, or a small
> backfire? (what's that about?)
> The car has about 205K miles on it and a badly cracked exhaust manifold.
> Thinking about a striping it all off. And fixing it up good.
> Even have a fresh rebuilt turbo to drop in it. maybe do all new injectors too.
> What you guys think?
> Britt
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