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Fri Apr 23 10:49:46 EDT 2004

Cheap is a good reason. I'll also accept that it may be bad to install it in the opposite direction. I don't buy the changing tension theory though. Timing belts are under constantly changing tension. Every time you accelerate the belt recieves a cycle. I doubt that the relativly small variance in static tension the belt gets through being re-installed would matter. But again; cheap is a good reason, especially given all the work it took to get in there in the first place.
> From: "John Larson" > The first reason I wouldn't reuse the belt is that it's dirt cheap, the
> second is that manufacturers like BMW and Volvo say not to, Porsche cautions
> that it isn't a good idea, and I listen to their warnings.  The third reason
> is that belts don't like to be disturbed with things like a sudden change in
> tension, and a possible change in direction if you forget to mark it.  The
> fourth is that they're cheap.....

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