LAC welders

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the clarke that I have is only a 85 amp 120 Volt unit.  Nice because I
can plug in anywhere.  I run gas, but still have a roll of flux-cored
for when friends call and need welding done somewhere besides my garage.
You may have the penetration with your welder due to its size, but I use
mine for small jobs, or tacking big jobs, and then the stick to finish
them off.

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I recently purchased a Miller - Millermatic 175 230V MIG welder with 
gas. When I think of all the time I wasted trying to learn how to weld 
with a stick D**n!

My first project was a trailer and a tow hitch for my '87 5ktq. Haven't 
had a weld break or any problems learning how to weld with the MIG. 
Penetration with the MIG isn't a problem because you can grind out a V 
and then fill in the V with multiple passes. Can't do this with a stick 
without a lot of chipping and cleaning. I'm not a pro, but with my hitch

and a dolly I've towed a complete Jaguar XJ6 (3500+ lbs) from Kentucky 
to Ontario Can., and regularly haul 3000+ lbs of wood from the woodlot 
with my 5ktq. I know it is abuse, but it's all I got :-(

Good luck

Britt Crowell wrote:
> So any of you guys have an opinion on what kind of welder to get? I 
> know nothing about them, but I was going to get a wire fed welder. I 
> was specficly looking at the ones at Harbor Freight. <Audi content>I 
> need one to make one of those 2" square pipe crankshaft lockers so I 
> can change my timing belt.</Audi content> And just to have to play 
> with :-)
> Britt
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