quattro Digest, Vol 6, Issue 78 Audi (now VAG) 5 cyl future

Antti Piirainen antti.piirainen at iki.fi
Mon Apr 26 01:26:10 EDT 2004

Larry C Leung wrote:

> Not only does the car in the pics appear to be the
> current (still in the US, obsolete elsewhere) US 
> Golf A4 chassis, the top of the site also states
> A4, not the new A5 chassis. Either that or the new 
> car is even more evolutionary than I thought it was.

Don't know where this guy dug up the "2005" year, but that page 
certainly is old news. The pics feature early Euro-spec 4th gen. Golfs. 
Heck, even the license plates are old style - new German cars are issued 
the EU plate, ie. the one with that little EU flag that says "D" on the 

Antti Piirainen
87 CQ

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