Bizzard Quattro feeling on 100Q

Denis Julien sparkplugvw at
Mon Apr 26 08:26:28 EDT 2004

Yep i swapped both.
The tranny runs good i m running without driving shaft since 2 days, runs
good. Somethimes the lock sliped i put the lock off then on again, it s ok
now, i suspect my homemade rod to be to shrt just a little.

I verified on snow the feeling of rear lock and front lock, and only front
lock the front wheel are hard turn and when is off i can turn them easier.

With the front lock it feels the wheels grip in the fenders (with driving
shaft on the car ) when i turn it off it s ok, easy to turn the front

It my first Quattro i finished that swap project in beginning mars


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Uh Dennis, did you also swap the 5000TQ's rear final drive into the 100Q??

They aren't the same!  I believe the 5ktq is 3.89:1 while the 100q is

That would explain the the odd things you experienced.  I hope you didn't
break the transmission or center differential!

1990 200q.

At 11:32 PM 4/25/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Well i finished the swap of 5000TQ in to my 100Q a month ago.
>I felt the car as a pickup, the rear propulsion seems to back on my seat
>as a pickup.... and it cost almost the double of gaz compare to my 90FWD
>!!! and it s hard to past cars to go faster, it seems the car has no
>power, difficult to up hills !!!
>It feels the rear and front wheels are fighting together and i feel
>skeezze between the front and back of the car !!!
>I try to accelerate but its very hard and takes time ,, or i must down
>shift in 3 to climb.
>Today i removed the driving shaft and wow the the car accelerat faster  it
>runs smoother AND it cost almost the same as my 90FWD for gaz !!
>So, what s wrong, the Quattro eat lots of power to operate ?
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