Front end rattle *still* 90q 20v

David Thoresen david at
Mon Apr 26 20:07:45 EDT 2004

At wits end I have replaced the SPAX springs with H&R's, Shocks with 
Boge TG, New a arm bushings, Tie rod ends look good but I have an extra 
set around here somewhere since I have to get an alignment anyways... A 
few months ago I put on new ball joints, CV joints are good...

The issue I have been having is a rattle when I go over bumps at slow 
speeds, and when turning left and then going straight the steering 
wheel will stay slightly left, but when turning right the steering 
wheel will stay slightly right when going straight again.

Could that be caused by bad sub frame bushings?  Or should I look 

On another note.... those spax springs made the car look great, but it 
ate shocks like crazy... even with spacers it kept bottoming out...  up 
to ebay it goes!


1990 90q 20v 202K Miles!

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