2 Dash lights 4K out (partially solved)

Matt Suffern msuffern at lycos.com
Mon Apr 26 20:29:48 EDT 2004

Thanks for the leads, guys.  With a bit more knowledge of where to start looking, I checked the headlight switch, and indeed, one of the metal prongs was bent such that it didn't fit into the connector.  Bent that back, and the right half of the cluster lights came on, as well as the diff locking panel lights, etc.  The shroud being off, I rotated the left side cluster light a bit to see if it just wasn't getting a good connection, and it came on.  So success, although the lights are a bit dim and I've not solved the problem of the reverse lights not working.

But I can see the tach and speedo now at night!  Thanks all  :o)


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