Loads of 88 90Q questions

Matt Evans matt at mattevans.org
Mon Apr 26 20:49:54 EDT 2004

Bought this car last November, it made it all the way through winter as a
very reliable daily driver.

Now that winters over and the summer car is out, its time to look after all
the neglect the winter car has received.

1. Temp gauge reads low, never makes it out of the bottom 1/5th of the gauge
or so.  Read up on MFTS.  Am running 3 pin sensor.  Harness plug has been
replaced, wiring brittle/ugly.  Connected pin 1/T of harness connector to
GND, temperature gauge goes up to 2nd highest mark, but not the max on the

1a: is this the expected behavior ?  Is the gauge bad ?  Anyone have any
idea where to measure wire resistance on this segment of harness, and what
the proper value is ?

2. Power steering expels all pentosin via reservoir overflow.  System has
been empty/dead for months.  Note that reservoir ends of power steering
hoses are wet.  
PS pump is 2 hose unit.  Shaft has some axial play in it, banjo connectors
not visibly leaking

2a: what's the lifetime of the hoses ?  Cost to replace ?  
2b: I've got a spare pump of unknown condition, but "seems" to have less
axial shaft play, is it worth doing a swap if im not sure of the hoses ?
2c: what are the banjo bolt sizes ?  I'd like to buy the properly sized
metric sockets to work on this thing (Adjustable wrench/channel locks don't
belong on German cars :)

3. a/c compressor totally soaked in caked on oil/grime.  

3a: Where does this come from typically ?
3b: how adaptable is this system to R134a?  A mechanic was telling me about
new dual-system oils that work on R12 or R134 seals/hoses/driers.  This puts
the total A/C retrofit cost at around $125, which is quite attractive

4. 1st and 3rd gear feel almost identical when shifting.  Have to push to
the left _Very_ hard to get gear lever to select 1st.  1st to 2nd motion
seems to have a slight (10 degree towards passenger side) diagonal motion
(vs. centerline of the car.)

4a: is it possible to adjust the shifter location such that 1st is on a
reasonable spot ?
4b: can the off-axis component of motion be removed ?  Can you reposition
the shift lever/rotate it to remove this ?

5. car came with aftermarket head unit and 10 disc changer, in addition to a
delta radio from a 100

5a: easiest way to run changer cable to trunk ?
5b: anyone want a delta radio ?  I don't believe I have the code, and
furthermore, it doesn't seem like there's a satisfying CD option for this
5c: is there anyway to "blend" the front and rear antennas to work with a
single-antenna input aftermarket radio ?  How do the front and rear antennas
differ ?

6. Purchased the Bentley B3 Repair manuals on CD.  Are there any wiring
schematics at all in this entire mess ?  

7. Trunk Lid Sucks.  When I have hit the open button a trunk, I expect it to
move.  Opening the trunk on this car is awful.  Is this the expected
behavior with stock trunk shocks ?  Are there any uprated trunk shocks that
give the trunk lid a "boost" to let you know its opened ?  Anyone
retrofitted springs to accomplish same function ?


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