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I won't use or consider Shokan.  Neither will some of these "listers". Its my 
The surging popularity of Audis in America is why they survived IMHO.  Maybe 
their full page glossy ads help draw in new business too.  People don't 
complain if they are satisfied by their past experience.........People remember 
their dealings with a certain company or marque.  Then base their future decisions 
based upon their experience.
-Scott by BOSTON

> From: yumyjagermiester at
> Shokan's eBay handle is actually "800-ALL-AUDI". Take a look at their eBay 
> "Me" page <
> userid=800-all-audi>
> So it is not like they are trying to hide the fact of who they are. They 
> have over 250 feedbacks with 3 neg/retaliatory feedbacks. I'd say that is a 
> pretty good record.
> Everyone I have ever sent to Shokan for parts had always had gotten what 
> they ordered, in a timely fashion.
> The people at Shokan are good people and love their Audis. You all should be 
> able to imagine the labor of love it took to become the largest Audi ONLY 
> parts supplier and salvage yard in North America, maybe the world. It's not 
> just their living, it is their life.
> If anyone on this list has had any truly negative experiences, in which they 
> feel they were unjustly treated, PLEASE e-mail me personally and I will 
> forward these along to Shokan myself.
> Emre
> 92 S4
> 90 Coupe q

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