Wheel stud kit?

Tony Lum tlum at flash.net
Thu Apr 29 20:46:42 EDT 2004

Javad Shadzi wrote the stud installation procedure several years ago.
Perhaps a search of the archives will reveal it.  As I recall, the studs
have loctite on them and need to be aligned before final tightening.  I
think they have Allen heads broached into the end of the stud to tighten.
They must stay tight, Javad runs his car at the track all the time without
any issues.


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About the studs... are they purely just studs, or do they have a head at one
end? If it's just a stud, what keeps the stud from coming out of the hub? I
believe some of the older cars I've worked on have heads and a small raised
splined area near the head which digs into the holes in the hub. The rest is
threaded as usual. Oh and are the prices on that site per stud or per wheel
or what? Thanks for any info.


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