Weird Window Switch Issue

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Mon Aug 2 15:03:45 EDT 2004

First, both of the switches have to be in and connected for it to work. They
rely on contacts inside the other for power and ground. If the jumper's
work, it's some type of power delivery problem.

Tony Hoffman

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Subject: Weird Window Switch Issue

Patient: '86 5kcsq
Symptom: LF window goes down, will not go back up.

The first thing I did was swap out a few "known good" switches and clean
both the male and female connectors to the switch, no change in the
condition. What's weird is using 2 "jumper wires" I can drive the window
up and down with no problem by bridging the connections directly on the
switch harness. Seems like it points to the switch, but no other
switches work. What gives? Anybody been here?

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