Fuel Pump Replacement Update

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at ntplx.net
Tue Aug 3 22:11:31 EDT 2004

Hey folks,

I replaced the fool pump in my "91 200Q last week. I got a very 
complete set of parts from SJMAutotechnik, right down to the last nut 
bolt and washer.  But Bosch was half a step ahead of Scott - the pump 
they sent me was different.

But... this time it was for the good.  The electrical connection to the 
pump was no longer 2 separate terminals so the extra nuts and ring 
terminal Scott sent weren't necessary!  They use a 2 connector plastic 
housed connector and provide all the new parts.  I have the tools to do 
the w crimp for the terminals but I'm sure most folks who don't will 
figure out how to deal with it.  Bosch provides instructions in every 
language known to man.  Just make sure you get the polarity correct 
before inserting the terminals into the connector (they claim its not 
possible to remove them - HAH!)

Everything went fine until it came time to put the assembled pump and 
basket back in the tank.
No matter how much the assembly looks like the orientation doesn't 
matter, of course it does!


The new pump is black and made in Germany.  At the Mihnea tuning fest 
at Paul K's, Ron Wainwright asked me if I was getting the Pierburg 
pump.  He said he was switching to all non-Bosch parts at every 
opportunity because the Bosch parts were all being made in 3rd world 

Well Ron, not all of them.

Ahhh, the silence is deafening.

(No, I didn't take any pictures.  I didn't think of it until I was 
almost done and well ensconced in the trunk.  I did alert Scott to 
check out the next ones he ships.)


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