G60's on a '89 200Q?

Dave C dconner at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 10:08:35 EDT 2004

Jim wrote ...   
I have a dragging caliper on my '89 200Q which I am going to take care of 
this weekend.  What I am wondering is I also have a set of G60's will all 
brackets from a '87 5KTQ and a set of brand new ATE power groove
rotors.  Should I
just switch everything over?  

I'm pretty sure both cars have the same calipers/rotors so you could
swap them.  If it were me I'd replace all the seals on the calipers
regardless of which set you are using.  They are likely old seals and
if not already failed it would be cheap insurance against future
failure.  Also, I think disassembly is the only way to really get all
the old nasty fluid out of the calipers.  Old nasty fluid or siezed
guide pins is likely what's causing your dragging caliper problem. 
Disassembly and replacement of seals really isn't too difficult once
the caliper is on the bench, and the seal kits don't cost much.
Dave C.

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