G60's on a '89 200Q?

Eric_R_Kissell at whirlpool.com Eric_R_Kissell at whirlpool.com
Fri Aug 6 10:21:26 EDT 2004

Jim wrote:
>I have a dragging caliper on my '89 200Q which I
>am going to take care of this weekend.  What I am
>wondering is I also have a set of G60's will all
>brackets from a '87 5KTQ and a set of brand new
>ATE power groove rotors.  Should I
>just switch everything over?

The text below is from
 >Some of 1989-90 200TQ switched to using a "ATE" brand single piston front brake caliper     
 instead of the dual piston Girling 60 calipers. These single piston ATE calipers use the     
 brake pads with the FMSI-D-394 designation.                                                  

 >These ATE calipers with the single piston work ok with some high performance Carbon/Kevlar  
 pads but they do have a piston area that is about 15% less than the G60 dual piston GIRLING  
 caliper mentioned below. These ATE Calipers weigh ~11.5 lbs without pads.                    
 >These dual piston Girling G60 calipers are the same ones used on the '86-88 5000TQ, some    
 1989-90 200TQ, all with the 276mm diameter rotors (10.9 inch). The G60 Caliper without pads  
 weighs ~13.5 lbs. The G60 Rotor/disc weighs ~14-15lbs ea.                                    
 >These G60 Calipers with different brake lines are also used on the 1992-95 S4/S6 vehicles   
 also with a 276mm diameter rotor, although the S4/S6 have a different part number for the    
 front rotors as they have a different offset.                                                
 >These Girling 60 calipers work great as an upgrade on the lighter ur-Quattro coupes, and    
 they work "ok" on the '86-88 5000TQ/ '89-90 200TQ provided some good High performance brake  
 pads are used.                                                                               
 >But in my opinion, these G60 calipers and small 10.9 inch rotors don't have what it takes   
 to tackle the stopping requirements for the heavier '91 200TQ (3650lbs), the S4 and the S6   
 (3800lbs and the Audi V8 (~4000lbs).                                                         
 >Aftermarket upgrades to 12 inch rotors with 2 or 4 puck calipers are recommended for these  
 heavier cars and also on the '86-90 5000/200TQ when you want to do repeated high speed       
 braking when driving at speed on a race track.                                               

Eric Kissell

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