bdtd?... brake servo replacement 200Q20v

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Aug 6 20:51:26 EDT 2004

At 2:33 PM -0700 8/6/04, CL Wong wrote:

>Is this step absolutely necessary? or will I be able
>to sneak the servo out with those items pushed
>slightly out of the way?

The master cylinder piston extends several inches "out"; the piston 
from the booster goes into the larger MC piston.  Also, the body of 
the MC goes about a half an inch into the body of the booster.

I would say it would be nearly impossible to remove the booster 
without removing the master cylinder or damaging the brake lines; 
they don't flex much, nor should they be forced to.  Scott's 
recommendation seems reasonable- remember, mechanics are always 
looking for the fastest, least-risky way.

Oh, by the way, considerable rust builds up since the booster is made 
of steel or cast iron.  Have a dust gun handy to blow it out(there's 
a cavity around the booster's output piston), and some anti-rust 
stuff like boeshield T-9 handy to protect the metal from further 
rusting.  Also, start soaking the connections and bolts on the 
booster now with penetrating oil :-)

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