Audi coupe and 90 20v front disc interchange...

Gerard gerard at
Wed Aug 11 16:07:04 EDT 2004


Does the Audi coupe with 276mm x 25mm 4-bolt front brake discs use the
same discs as found on the 80/90 with front discs of the same

ETKA indicates different parts numbers, and I'm in search of 276x25
4-bolt front Ate PowerDiscs for use on a 1.8 FWD 1991 80. ATE only
indicate a PowerDisc for the coupe, but not the 80/90.

Just need to figure out if I could fit the coupe's units.

Sorry, car is not mine, just running part numbers for a friend who wants
to upgrade front disc size and convert rear drums to discs.

Thanks. :)


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