Audi 80 (FWD) rear drum to disc conversion...

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Ok, first the spindles bolt to the axle. The first question is how many
bolts does it use to secure the spindle to the axle. If it is six, then a
Passat 16V will work. If it is four, it is the same as a MK2 Golf/Jetta. The
caliper mounts are on the spindle itself. You need everything from the
spindle out to the grease cap, and the E-brake cables. Then it's just a
matter of taking off the old, and bolting on the new.

Tony Hoffman

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someone's considering converting rear drum brakes to discs on his Audi 80 
front-wheel drive machine.

I spent time looking through ETKA trying to figure out what parts can be 
used that could be sourced locally. I'm in a country where the 80/90 is a 
very rare thing.

Some parts are available from the type-44, others need to be bought new, and

the list's good friend Chris Semple over at Force 5 Auto has good prices on 
some other required parts.

But in all my looking and checking I overlooked the entire rear axle. Ooops.

Seems this needs to be swapped for one from a 80 with rear discs. I 
suspected it, but only noticed it when I finally got pics of the 80's drums.

There's no mounting or the calipers on the axle.

Short of having to bring a complete rear axle into the country, what can be 
done with this to fit rear discs?

Doh! Typical dumb me.


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