DIY windshield replacement

mike mcclurg rrrrraudi at
Mon Aug 16 17:40:35 EDT 2004

Any DIY guidance for Type 44 windshield replacement? I
may be done with the hard part in that I have removed,
in one piece, the windshield from an ’86 5ktq for
replacement into my ’89 100q.

The ’86 does not have an antennae built in and the
clear spot for the VIN numbers don’t match so I will
have to do some creative work. But as far as putting
it in, what good advice is available? Does someone
have a web site with a description? Part of the reason
I am doing it myself is that there is some rust to
deal with around the windshield, too.

Also, I’m hoping to avoid the mess that I had with the
’86 with the black tar-like sealant when I remove the
cracked windshield from my ’89. I didn’t care what
kind of mess I made in my parts car, but would like to
keep the ’89 clean. I wonder if I break it first and
then pull smaller pieces out, if that will keep the
stringy, gooey mess to a minimum?


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