monster projekt?

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Wed Aug 18 10:26:46 EDT 2004

--- Chris Dyer <chrisdyer at> wrote:

> Ok, so because of brain damage, I'm thinking I might
> never sell my '87 
> 5kcstq. I mean, it rocks. Not really, but ya know.
> Anyway, sorry for the WOB, but one of my favorite
> web sites is GM 
> Goodwrench's crate motor page. I got a stupid idea
> in my head of creating a 
> monster (thanks, Discovery Channel). Like a LS1 V8
> or Northstar V8 in the 
> ol' quat. C'MON, YA KNOW YOU WANT IT!
> Could the stock clutch and tranny/diff handle 320
> h.p.?
> Anyone remember the lister who put a orvetteC motor
> in his type44 a few 
> years back? Does he have a web site?

I saw the LT1Q a few months back, I was trying to get
the owner to drag race with me, but he said the tranny
was pretty sensitive to all the low end torque, and
needed to round up a spare before he'd race it.  Also,
the motor didn't completely fit, I think the air box,
and the crank pulley was kind of hanging out the front
of the car.  The thing sounded mean as hell though! 
I'd go for the Audi V8, aftermarket EFI will open up
the intake, put a good exhaust on it and you'll be
close to LT1 power.

Jim Green
'89 90tq
'89 80q

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