LAC: Jetta weight?

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Sat Aug 21 14:52:31 EDT 2004

How would adding weight to the subframe reduce torque steer?

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I was told it's purpose is to equialize the weight for hte halfshafts
reducing torque steer.

Scott DeWitt
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> Oh my Gosh! You mean every time I've taken this brick off and painted
> it, put antiseize on the bolts, and replaced it after doing the half
> shaft or whatever, I could have just left it off! Doh!
> George
> Drew wrote:
> > On Fri, 2004-08-20 at 12:52, George Selby wrote:
> >
> >>I don't have a VW list to ask, so I'll throw this one to you guys
> >>
> >>I'm replacing the halfshaft on my 90 VW Jetta.  Immediately below
> >>CV joint I'm removing is a large block of metal.  I took it off, and
> >>exactly what it is - a approx. 5 lb hunk of metal attached to the
> >>my car.  It is shaped like a brick, and has two bolt holes, and is
> >>with factory type bolts.  Any guesses to it's purpose?
> >
> >
> > It's purpose is to complicate the right-side driveshaft removal
> > which was way to easy on previous models that were not equipped with
> > it... :)  Seriously, though, I believe it functions as a
> > counterbalance/vibration dampener for the subframe.  I have left
> > off and not seemed to notice and ill sideffects.
> >
> > Drew
> >
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