KAR's lo-mile 83 urq

Jonathan Monetti jmone3036 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 21 15:29:31 EDT 2004

I agree wholeheartedly, Doug.  I looked for a low mileage 87.5 CGT for four
years before the right one came up.  I paid far in excess of it's "book"
value, and far more than any other CGT I know of.  But it was the right car
at the right price for me and I'll always be glad I did it (and when the
hell would I next find a 58k mile CGT??).

The market for the '83 will be determined by its next owner, there's little
else to compare it to.  I know of a 22k mile UrQ that went for $22k a few
years ago, so you never know!

My only concern about this car would be its _lack_ of use.  Cosmetically it
looks perfect, but seals, lubricants, hoses, fuel tanks, exhaust systems,
etc hate to be left sitting.   One hopes this car was run to full heat every
few months.

Good luck!
Jonathan Monetti
2002 A4 1.8tq
1987.5 CGT

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> That looks to be a fantastic car.  Great color, time-capsule
> condition.  All I can say is that I wish I had the money to
> be able to look seriously at it.
> Knowing Kent, he probably wants a premium price, and it's
> probably on consignment, but who knows?  $15K-$20K realistically?

Wylie's probably close.  The one thing to remember about these cars, in such
condition as this one "appears to be" in, is that it takes exactly ONE
person to determine the value, and that's the person willing to write a
check to buy the car.

An example is my former car, an '83 with 72k miles, in close-to-original
condition (not concourse or pristine, just original).  It was advertised in
the Marketplace for nearly a year at $10k, thinks me.  Out of nowhere came a
buyer who wrote a check for $9.5k.

As said: It only take one person to determine the value of a rare car.  That
person is the guy with the loose checkbook.  None of the runner-up bidders
are of consequence in determination the "value."

Good luck!

~ Doug>

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