87 Audi won't start ***

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I just fixed the same problem on my 88 5ktq about 3 days ago. My fuse box
went south. Wasn't going to buy a new one, so I used a start position power
source on the fuse box, and ran a relay in the front by the jump terminal. I
grounded it right there also. Works great! I won't have any problems in the
future either, since the relay now carries the load, and not the switch or
the fusebox.

Tony Hoffman 

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Hi - My hubby's car will not start.

87 Audi 5000

Ignition switch does not activate starter.

No voltage at starter terminal.  

Starter and solenoid *seem* okay . . . 

Jumped terminals of ignition switch plug with no result.

He got it started by hot wiring it.
He has gone through the Bentley manual.

Is there any fusable link or other device between ignition and starter
solenoid ?

Is there anything else he might have forgotten to check ?

Thanks mucho !


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'87 5000

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