bl**dy H**l m5 vs rs4... scary

cody at cody at
Tue Aug 24 14:36:06 EDT 2004

>That sort of behavior is far more typical of young
> people than it is of old farts like me.

That may be true, but it's still pretty prejudice. I know for damn sure that I
dont, never have, and never plan to drive anything like that, yet my 54 year
old father for instance drives like that every day of the week in 911's, 930's,
and especially in his 400hp+ 914-6. That is exactly why I refuse to ride in a
car with him, and also why he pays tripple what I do for insurance. Even though
he may be a 25 year experianced ex-pro race driver, the person in some land
yacht that doesn't see him and cuts him off one day is most likely not.

>There is such a thing as safe fast
> driving.  There is also criminally fast driving.  The video under
> discussion falls, IMO, into the latter group.  Such racing belongs
> somewhere other than on a busy highway.

I absolutely agree, that was even the point of my first message in this thread
about how street racing could maybe be acceptable (still not the best idea, but
better then the video) if it were on some deserted back road outside of town. I
just get really peeved when some assumes that just because somebody is being
wreckless and stupid that the person is young. I couldn't begin to tell you how
many times my input on things arround the shop here goes unheeded just because
I'm not old enough to buy alchohol, and how many times I have had to redo
things because nobody trusted me to start with.

In the end though it's a futile discussion and it definately doesn't relate to
Audi's in any way, so I'll go ahead and shut up now.


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