1988 90q ECU problem?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Aug 27 00:30:55 EDT 2004

> My 1988 90q blips the engine light (amber) every time the wot switch is
> triggered by the throttle mechanism even when the car is stationary.   I
> also suspect that its function is non-existent.  any ideas what could be
> causing that.  Is the ECU faulty?  the switches test out Ok.

Well, as far as I can recall, there are three things that can make that 
light come on (if it is even installed).

1. key on, engine off (bulb check)
2. flashing out codes (triggered by putting fuse in top of FPR)
3. ECU takes timing to full retard (due to knocks sensed)

So it's a complete mystery to me what's up with your car.

What happens if you manually close the WOT switch, with the rpms low 
(but off idle a bit to "release" the idle switch)?

Have you noticed any performance issues?  (I keep getting email about 
how to fix them!)

Huw Powell



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