Removing control arm bushings using Huw style tool

fdekat fdekat at
Fri Aug 27 11:55:39 EDT 2004

>Removing them proved to be a good idea, as little bits of rubber and metal
>sleeve crumbled onto the garage floor.

>I haven't tried any penetrating fluid or similar yet and obviously things
>are quite deteriorated.  I was just wondering who else has had experience
>using this approach and how much effort was required.. And if the control
>arm flange bending is a concern :)

I've tried similar. May work good on some cars, but for 'rusty' A arms, more
drastic measures are required!

You may try this:

1) Get new bolts, so you can sawz-all out the old ones. (The nuts for the
bolts are hidden in the sub frame, and MAY be tough to get out. Why mess
2) Press/rip out the guts of the bushing, using a small diameter socket or
something. (don't try to 'press' the guts out using a large diamater socket.
Use a smaller diamater socket, so that the inner part gets ripped out, with
lots of ripping action in the rubber bushing)
3) Cut two opposite slots in the bushing's outer shell (or more, if you want
to!), being careful not to cut into the a arm itself. 
4) With lots of fun, and a chisel, pry out what's left of the outer shell of
the bushing. Because you have cut slots through the outer shell of the
bushing, there should be no 'pressure' holding them in. Just rust..
5)Clean out the a arm holes where the bushing will go (And maybe some never
6) Press them in. Have a suitable piece size piece of pipe to take the load
on the 'back' side of the a arm.  (So you don't crush it in the vice).
7) Install a arms.
8) Put car on ground, THEN tighten A arm bolts. Otherwise, the bushings will
be perpetually stressed.

Then keep going on the rest of the bushings!

This job is a really fun "AudiAdventure", but feels great when you are


=Frank de Kat=

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