CEL possible O2 sensor 1.6 bar now 1.3

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Fri Aug 27 21:36:16 EDT 2004

I liked Ed's post, and Chris Miller gave me some info too.  True Louis about 
testing it.  I kept the old one which from the white ash looked like silicone 
poisioning from the web site oxygensensors.com.  Kinda sppoked me since I just 
put in new silicone hoses..............

Since theVag-Com  10 data fields have about 5 for the O2 sensor, and not 
every field is out of range.........the bentley suggests air, fuel and other leaks 
to look for if I read between the lines.
The hesitation is really like a switch, on or off.
The CEL only shows up at idle (when I keep it going with my foot), not 
running around town, coupled with the stalling I'll investigate air leaks, clogs and 
the like.

-Scott by BOSTON at the Glen Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  :-)

> Subject: Re: CEL possible O2 sensor 1.6 bar now 1.3
> You can easily test your O2 sensor yourself with basic tools; voltmeter 
> and propane torch. 
> Or even in situ.
> A quick search on Google:
> http://www.swedishbricks.net/faq/fio2.html
> http://www.autotune.com/techtips/o2.html
> Louis-Alain
>  The fact that your reading is stuck 
> at one value that is well out of range says that the afr is way outside 
> the range for which the o2 sensor and ecu can compensate for when the 
> conditions are met for closed loop mode.
> Roy Wendell
> Clarksburg WV USA
> 86, 87 5kcstq
> 87 MR2 times 2

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