NAC- new england diesel pickup/SUV rentals?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Aug 31 18:32:38 EDT 2004

This is way off topic, but I'm in a pinch and figured someone might 
know.  Are there any companies that rent diesel pickup trucks, aka 
F-series, Dodge RAMs, GM 2500's, etc?  My father was part of a group 
that were having their cars transported out to Wisconsin for a race, 
but the company was bought out and lost its insurance somehow in the 
process suddenly, and dumped the job- the day before departure.  So 
everyone's having to trailer their cars out.

His current tow vehicle gets about 10mpg with the trailer(open, 
steel- not a fancy/heavy trailer) and has a tiny tank, so it's not 
only expensive, but an annoyance to others in the caravan with 
diesels who get much better range- often twice...

Most "truck" rentals are cargo vans or box trucks, none of them 
diesels.  Any suggestions?  This is eastern MA area, preferably.

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