Slave cylinder stuck in tranie?

Denis sparkplugvw at
Thu Dec 2 12:28:04 EST 2004

  It s a good procedure , i did , hard way,,,, hands ouchhhh couple time.
  As he said penetreting oil needed, wait , knock again, be careful , dont damage the tranny case.

  To remoove the pin i used a graded wood screw and an hammer...the slave is hard to reach patient , as you saw :-)

  Once the slave was twisting i put bach the hose and use it to grap tha slave qith hands to twist and get out.

  sorry for my english, you might prefere in french :-)
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    Geeze, I happen to think that getting your hand whacked by a hammer or
    crow bar builds character (and scar tissue)!!


    On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 12:08:21 EST, jpinkowish at <jpinkowish at> wrote:
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    > > Eventually I selected a two and a half
    > >  foot chisel tip crowbar and located that on the slave cyl. on the boss
    > where
    > >  the hydraulic hose connection is. (hose already removed). The other end was
    > >  then conveniently above the bonnet (hood?) slam panel. Then I selected a
    > 7lb
    > >  hammer and whacked the end of it. This did the trick in getting that first
    > >  movement and from there I was able to twist, spray lube and revert to small
    > >  hammer to finally get it out.
    > This is precisely what I did to free the slave in my 4kq.  However, I only
    > used a 2 or 3lb hammer.  Two or three whacks, and the cylinder was free.
    > Keeping the chisel tip of the crowbar on the boss for the hydraulic hose is
    > important.  Also, wear a glove on the hand holding the crowbar.  It dampens the
    > vibration from the whacks and should provide a little protection from the
    > hammer if you miss the crowbar and graze your hand.
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