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If you have access to the spot they were in, how about just trying to wipe the vent with some alcohol to kill the bacteria, or maybe good 'ol Lysol. Although Lysol usually has a scent of its own. good luck.


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I hate mice.

My garage has a minor mouse problem, so I've got the mothballs and pellets
and powders of bobcat and coyote urine (and bigfoot, whale, and cyclops) all
over the place, keeping the problem somewhat at bay (and no, those silly
sonic repellers don't work).   My next step is to get a tomcat.  Seriously.

They nested next to the blower motor of my CGT's ventilation system (thank
god, no nibbling).  I got everything out and cleaned it thoroughly, but
there's still that musty/pissy rodent smell when air flows into the cabin.

Anyone know of good techniques/products that help get rid of the odor (not
mask it)?  Some have recommended using an ozone machine, lemon juice, white
vinegar, etc.  I'll try anything within reason.


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