what to do about bogus buyers?

Billing, Eric ebilling at ugs.com
Tue Dec 7 10:51:19 EST 2004

I'm trying to sell my '93 100csq wagon in the Marketplace & also on


Of course all but one response has been from overseas... Sample dialog


I  based in South Africa that is were bussines has took me to now and 
I need  for my wife who just gave birth as a gift for been able to give
me a baby girl ,after 3 boys So I decided to get it
over the net for her due to my bussines,what is ur last give away price,
My investor who is
based in the U.S will be responsible for the payment
for this car.Also let me know if a London draft will
be ok for the payment for this car. Please get back to
me soon to know if my request is granted. Have a nice
day and my regards to your family
        Mafeez Ihaza


Question-what should I do... just ignore this & delete the mail. Or
should I pursue a complaint as documented on the URL that Marketplace
refers to (http://www.craigslist.org/about/scams.html)?






Eric Billing

Eagan, MN

eric.billing at ugs.com 


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