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Tue Dec 7 18:59:52 EST 2004


Got the car ('87 5KCSTQ, ~ 49K miles) home today, she's now safely ensconsed in the garage.  Drove her back from the lot in a drizzing, freezing rain.  Saw 1.4 on the gauge in a full run through 2nd, and the driveline is tight and straight in the best sense of the words.   It continues to amaze me that a relatively big car can feel so light on its feet and still so planted in such crappy weather after all these years -- and I've driven half a dozen new or almost-new rental cars in the past 2 years of various manufacture.

The Bomb is on its way out - not dead yet but definitely getting there.  Otherwise the problems right now are: 1 dash bulb (at about 3k on the tach) and a high-beam filament.   And I'm going to have to find something that'll clean the Alacantara on the driver's side door panel -- any suggestions?  And the emergency brake needs some TLC, which may explain the rear rotor wear.

Thanks to Eric Kissell for his forwarded message about suppliers, and of course, once I do the full once-over, twice-over, thrice-over, and the essential maintenance I'll be looking at the sane (and, I must say, very affordable!) basic mods.   Been a while since I disassembled a MAC, but the Radio Shack is right around the corner, so to speak, and the Fluke still works ;)

Pics by Thursday on my Comcast site at the latest.  

Needless to say, I'm having a pretty good time.   And thanks to everyone who has written me directly, there are several others that I didn't bounce back to the List. 


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