4kq auapension R&R

Dave hawkwind at heavensbats.com
Wed Dec 8 01:51:11 EST 2004

It's not hard to do.  You need a floor jack, jack stands, and a GOOD set of spring compressors.  If you remove the bolts that connect the control arms to the frame, you won't even disturb the alignment.  Or just mark the position of the ball joint in the control arm before you take it apart, that is what controls the camber.  You will need the right size socket and a BIG piece of pipe for a breaker to get the axle nuts loose.  Break these loose while the wheels are still on the ground.  Invest in a 17mm box end wrench with a deep offset.  You will see what I mean when you get under there.  Take a look at the control arm bushings, it's bound to need new ones by now.  Grab the tire and try to move it back and forth to see if they are loose.  If they need replacing, save yourself a lot of trouble and have a machine shop press the old ones out.  Check out the ball joints, it might be time to replace them and do an alignment.  Also take a look at the strut bearings on top of the struts, especially the front ones.  If they are original, better replace them while you have it apart.  Repack all of the bearings and check out the brake pads.

From: Shawn Manny <shawn.manny at gmail.com>
Subject: 4kq auapension R&R

hey all, I need some real world BTDT on replacing strut inserts on an
87 4000 quattro. I've already got the inserts, and gotten some feed
back off of the VW Vortex and its audi forums (I know some of you are
there as well). Im not about to pay for 5+ hours of labor to do it
(even with my break on prices), but I dont have air tools or a lift
either. My Bentley Manual arrives this week but Im just trying to
gauge if its doable. I've done MANY suspensions on a variety of
different cars, just not an older Audi. Thanks for whatever you can
give me.


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