Audi 5000 headlight question

Peter Koskinen peter at
Wed Dec 8 11:10:32 EST 2004



Hello List,


I am new to this list and I haven't been lurking in the shadows listening
either. My name is Peter Koskinen and I acquired a 1987 5000CS QT Wagon
about a year ago. One of the great inadequacies that I have discovered about
this car is that the headlights are very dim, even on a clear cloudless full
moon night. I have upgraded the bulbs to 90/100's.  


What I would like to know is has anybody tried taking the complete grill and
headlight assembly from a 1985 5000 CS Turbo sedan or wagon and installed it
in a 1987 wagon? What pitfalls am I apt to find in this exercise?  All
comments and inquiries appreciated.






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