Help! Rotor shifted, can't replace wheel.

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at
Thu Dec 9 19:31:10 EST 2004

You can't just turn the rotor by hand?  If not remove the caliper or
throw a socket on the axleshaft bolt and turn the hub.

I rarely use the dowel 'cause I can rarely find it.

Keith L

>>> <illuminaudi at> 12/09/04 05:28PM >>>
So I tried to change my wheel even though I couldn't find my lug
stud/dowel... not a wise idea.  Needless to say, the rotor shifted. 
Does anyone have any BTDTs on how best to get the lug holes to line up
again?  I've made a replacement stud, I just need to realign the


'86 5kcstq
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