100Q fault code not worked Re: My 100Q has no power again, , , big cow..

Denis sparkplugvw at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 10 22:17:02 EST 2004

  Found this on the archives 

  But  again does not work.......

  Need urgent help, its my dailly car and seems to getting worst...... losing power, hard starting.

  Engine cold: need to start 6-10 time before then engine can maintain 200 RPM (very rough idling... then 1000RPM with gard accelerating)
  Engine cold: need to pump the accelerator very fast for about 1/2 inchs depht only,,, until it reach 300RPm then go to 1000 RPM, if i dont do it it ll not start and then it s impossible to start again, the engine wont do any pouffff anymore, i must wait 5 minutes and try again......and often i wont start neither . I need to inject ether or alcool in the intake to make it start again. It faster and easier that way.


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