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Konstantine Bogach kbogach at
Sat Dec 11 09:57:14 EST 2004

hanks for info about possible leaning out for older injectors.  Mine, 
though,  are almost new - 20Kmi. 
Are those tiny hole for air?  What the purpose of it?
I  certainly will not try again to take them off .  It was silly of me.


Ameer Antar wrote:

> Some injectors have the shrouds, some do not. I doubt that the motor 
> would work properly if some of them fell off into the intake port 
> above the valve. It would probably rattle around in there. My guess is 
> that someone maybe replaced a few of the injectors with non-shroud 
> type, since they're cheaper. I'm not sure if you can separate the 
> shrouds and have it work properly after, but I doubt it. You may be 
> able to clean the tips using some solvent and a soft cloth...although 
> my mechanic says the seals are sensitive to certain solvents and can 
> dry out and crack.
> I don't know how long you want the car to run, but I'd really 
> recommend replacing the whole set. You might be able to work out a 
> deal with Rod at TPC to buy them cheaper as a set. The injectors can 
> be tested by jumpering the fuel pump and lifting the airflow plate. I 
> compared the spray pattern between new ones and originals on a 150k 
> car and the difference was notable. Although the old injectors still 
> sprayed a full cone pattern, the spray was less volume, so that would 
> account for a gradual leaning out of the mixture as the car aged, and 
> the need to adjust the mixture.
> -Ameer
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> Hi.
> My injectors are off my 200tqa '89.   Tips are dirty.  I am thinking 
> maybe I shoud  clean the tips as they have tiny holes (jets?) in them 
> and I dont know if they are clogged up.  Are this tips removable?  I 
> remember, when I changed injectors coulple years ago,  the old ones 
> came out without tips as tips stuck in the inserts?   It seems to me 
> that in my another 200tq '89 I had remove recently replaced injectors 
> and one also came out without tip and I just put it back when 
> re-installed injector.   But I don't remember for sure.  Besides 
> cleaning,  it would be much easier to put on new viton o-rings.  After 
> putting on 3 rings I feel like my fingers need a week of rehabilitation.
> Thanks in advance.
> Kontantin.
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