tool stuck in gas tank

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Dec 13 22:22:15 EST 2004

>> and the car and the extension fell into the gas
>> question is..will this cause harm? if so what can I do?
> It's not going to melt or clog the intake. It shouldn't rust
> as it will be immersed in gas the whole time.  It may make some
> noise as it rolls around during cornering, but you'll know what
> it is.  I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

I would like to add that you might be able to fish it out with a 
reasonably strong "magnet on a bendy wire" type tool.  If you want to 
bother.  Just don't drop whatever you use to hold the filler flap open 
while you're attempting it!

Huw Powell

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