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Restating the obvious - it is good you have a code.  You should be concentrating on the ignition - don't go off on a tangent, as some other replies suggested other non-related things to look at. Don't assume that you have everything correct with distributor adjustment and wiring - double check.

2113 (Blink Fault Code), VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number 00515
Hall sender in distributor
Distributor alignment, faulty sender,
Mis-located sensor & distributor

Most likely you simply have the distributor not adjusted with respect to the flywheel sensors.  In short, the Hall signal needs to be synchronized with the RPM sender and Reference sender signals that are from the sensors located on the bellhousing.  If any of these signals is not present or out of sequence, no primary signal will be sent from the ECU.

Make sure you did not inadvertantly mix up any of these sensor wires.  They are easy to mixup as the color of the cables and wires inside are all the same for each.  Sometimes the color band comes off and they get plugged into the wrong sensor.  Double check these by doing continuity loop from the ECU harness out 1) to the RPM and Ref sender, you should see about 1K ohm for both RPM and REF sender.  If they are mixed up, however a  different code would be thrown, or as in my case, no code at all.  It is easy to mix one of these up with the knock sensor- that is what happened to me.  Continuity check to each of the connectors for the various sensors may be in order.  I simply used a paper clip or small wire to loop back the yellow and black wires then test for continuity at the appropriate wires at the ECU harness.

With no primary, the fuel pump relay will not trigger either, so don't suspect it faulty if not hearing the fuel pump.

Make sure the coil pack with transistor signal amplifier is grounded well, and make sure you have continuity between the ECU and this module.

I had a no-spark condition recently resolved.  On mine I had no code, but following the above methodically, I found the problem.  If you find yourself getting bogged down, you may need to step away from the problem for awhile then come back to it and retrace your steps - take notes of what you are doing in the process.


for additional information regaring the ECU pinout, etc.  

Let us know what you find.


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I need as much feedback on this on as possible and thank you all in advance!
Read the archives... need more!

The Project:

is an '88 5KTQ I pulled the top end off and dropped the bowels out of the bottom end.The Background on what I did to the engine itself:

I honed the cylinders installed new rings, installed new main and connecting rod bearings with the engine still in the bay (poor mans engine stand)I had the head professionally machined: surface, porting, new valves and 
guides, radial valve job on the exhaust, new lifters, new 272 blausport cam.   Installed a 3piece exhaust manifold that spits into a k24 turbo. I replaced the cap rotor and wiring with new OEM and the plugs with bosch Platin W4DP0  plugs (hence the poor mans engine stand). running a 2Bennett ECU with a 1.8  bar w/g spring (which i ran in the car for a couple of months prior to  dismantling the engine - WOW!)
Problem -  NO SPARK!

What I've done so far:

so, i went thru the Bentley and tested the hall sender, coil, plug wires, position reference sensor and all related wiring all came out ok... checked  for pin on flywheel - present! checked and rechecked TDC. To be obsessive, I 
ran my distributor and ECU in my '86 5KTQ and they checked out fine and even  further put the ones from the 86 into 88 and tried it and - NOTHING. I  grabbed the coil from the '86 and installed it.. nothing. Put the '88's in 
the '86... checked out fine.

Did a code retrieval per the bently and the light flashes 2113 which means  ecu not recieving signal from hall sender. Well why the heck not. Hmmm. I  would really appreciate any BTDT... Jim Green... Huw Powell.... somebody? 
What might I be missing.

well if you have any further questions I am happy to answer them. and again, I appreciate any and all responses from you all. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

Jesper Moreau]

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