1990 coupe - to buy or not to buy?

Chris Semple chris at force5auto.com
Tue Dec 14 22:58:20 EST 2004

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> The worldpac dealers have the front left window regulator for
> around $210
> if that helps any:
> http://oem.thepartsbin.com/parts/thepartsbin/quote.jsp?make=AU

Note that those appear to be motor only, not the whole reg assembly that
most often breaks on the Coupes.

Chris Semple
Concord NH
'92 S4

> Chris Semple: "That would be an emotional decision, more so than a logical
> one. A 100q 5cyl is one of the most inexpensive cars, of that era, that
> produced. Hard to spend any "repair" money on the driveline, since they
> never break. But take an electrical example: 40$ for a 100 p/w
> $ anywhere), but 400$+ for a Coupe reg (nigh impossible to find used, and
> dealer only new). Try the same comparison with taillamps, windshields, or
> engine ecu's as well. Keep the 100q as a daily driver if you have the
> option."
> Ouch! That's a big difference in prices for repair. And you just know that

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