Shifter boot malfunction - 1987 5000

Peter Koskinen peter at
Wed Dec 15 11:07:22 EST 2004

I had that problem on my 5000 wagon. I drilled a small hole in each corner
at the top of the boot and used a black 1 1/4" drywall screw to attach the
boot to the console. No more movement. I also used the screws to reattach
the arm rests to the door when those tabs failed.

Peter Koskinen
Chapel Hill, NC


The plastic frame won't remain clipped in place.  It seems the leather
is too stiff and pulls on the frame.  Or maybe the frame clips are
just tired.  Or maybe both.  It is worse in cold weather... maybe
because cold makes the leather more stiff.  Maybe I need to replace
the frame.  But if the real problem is stiff leather then I still need
to fix that.  I tried repeated application of Lexol leather
conditioner but it hasn't helped.  I also tried a bit of 3M strip
caulk at each corner of the frame.  This helped during warm weather
but it ceased to function with arrival of cold weather and now the
boot flops around with every shift. >>>

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