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>Subject: Porche 944 question
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>I'm contemplating getting a '87 Porche 944 S(non-turbo) 5 speed trans.
It is in good shape but >the Red paint has oxidized and needs major
compounding or maybe paint, but I did not see any >rust and no
noticaeable dings.  Major mechanicals are in good condition, but need
some exhaust >repairs, timing belt, window switch fix, among some other
minor by my standards fixes.  The car >ran and drove well and appears to
have been well maintained.
>I'm trying to see what kind of price these tend to go for.  Anyone
know?  Any major caveats?  >Once fixed to near pristine condition, what
could I get for it without major haggling?

I'd look at spending between $3000-6000 for the car.  I bought my 83' a
few years ago from a Porsche mech for $4k.  They're actually pretty
reliable cars, and the community is very helpful.
My 944 has been worlds more reliable than my 5ktq.  Some of the parts
are more expensive than on Audis, but most aren't too bad unless they're
dealer only (sound familiar?)
They're great handling cars, and very sturdily built.  I wouldn't put
much into the fact that there's no rust.  Those cars had very good rust
protection from the factory, even back to 83' when the first 944 came
out, with an all galvanized body.
The 944 S has the 16v engine, so the timing belt is a tiny bit more
complicated than the 8v engine, but nothing out of your mechanical
Here's a good FAQ
Also, if you want more info, check out the e-mail or web forums at

Good Luck!
Greg Roa
Cincinnati, OH
86' 4kcsq x2
87' 5kcstq
93' 90CS
83' 944

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