5ktq Water pump R&R???

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If you need the crankshaft locking tool, I have one you can borrow.


Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

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Subject: 5ktq Water pump R&R???

> I need to do my water pump, but not the timing belt or tensioner, on
> my '88 5ktq MC engine.
> Can this reasonably be done without pulling much of the front of the car
> I'm on my second timing belt, so I've done the remove bumper,
> intercooler and center section path several times.
> [I did my HVAC blower motor last winter, and had drained the coolant.
> After I finished the blower motor I did a quick refill with water to
> test that job, then left the car for some further work and got caught
> in a freeze, the water pump has been compromised ever since.]
> Thanks,
> Bernard Littau
> Woodinville, WA
> '88 5ktq
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