BG Frigi-Fresh is absolutely terrific (was Re: Mice!)

Jonathan Monetti jmone3036 at
Thu Dec 16 18:01:51 EST 2004

Thanks again to everyone who responded with suggestions on getting the
miserable mouse odor out of my coupe.  


I went with BG Frigi-Fresh, and it worked phenomenally well.  


The directions say to spray the can for 8-10 seconds into the air intake
with the AC/blower running, and the smell will be gone "in seconds."  I was
skeptical, but by the time I got into the drivers seat, the skanky mouse
smell was completely gone from the car.  Days later, there is still a
pleasant light scent, not unlike new upholstery.  Not a trace of mouse poop.


Thanks to Eric of for suggesting it and Mark Besso
for the "find a dealer" link (which, incidentally, is <> ).  I ultimately
found an e-retailer who had aerosol cans at a very decent price


Again: great, great stuff.  I highly recommend it if you have an odor
problem (in your car, that is ;).  


Jonathan Monetti

'02 A4q 1.8t

'87.5 Coupe GT


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