928 Motor Swap/Getting Off Topic/Still Interesting

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The 928 utilizes a steel chassis, with aluminium skin.

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> One question, and please if you'd like to answer email me directly:  in
addition to the motor, wasn't one of the problems with the 928 chassis the
aluminum construction (before Audi learned from that) which makes them
gradually flex themselves to pieces the older they are?  If you put a 500
horsepower engine into that chassis, what can you expect from it in the long
> Second, I'll turn the question on its head.  I own a 1968 Corvette
Convertible and if the situation was reversed I too would be a little
nauseous of putting a German engine in it, no matter how 'good' it was.  And
the '68 Corvette is no paragon of American operations-research or
engineering excellence, either, but I would still not like to see the
transplant, no matter how unique it was or how fast it went.  I know the
LT-1 is a good engine for all the reasons Renegade says it is; there's not
much question about that -- it's relatively inexpensive, it makes big
horsepower, the parts are everywhere, and it is about as refined as an OHC
V8 is going to get.  Great job, Chevrolet.  And it does a very good job as
such.  But the Renegade people are not trying to maintain the originality of
the car -- they're trying to give the owner of the car a chance to make it
newly original -- a custom car, a special, a one-off.  They do a very good
job at that, but there's a big difference bet
>  ween the two.  And really there shouldn't be much conflict, when you
think about it.
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