Saga continu.... 100q wont start now

SJ syljay at
Thu Dec 16 22:08:02 EST 2004

> From: "Denis" <sparkplugvw at>
> Subject: Saga continu.... 100q wont start now
> I m ver very close to send the car to the junk..... it really bugs me.
> I change fuel filter , now it leak each side of the fuel filter,, i
unscrewd..... move parts , screw again and again and again still fuel leak
i m just thinking put the fire on this fuc...... car .
<snip the rant>
> I changed the meter and it tells 70lbs,,,,, but the vac stil 9psi  half
that it suppose to be.....
> Now since an hour i put fuel on each cyl to make it turn.... after couple
pouf pouf  ,, it stop,,, the sparkplugs are dry... so no fuel goes to them
> Ðenis

Looks like a fuel pressure problem. The fuel pressure is maintained and
controlled not by the fuel pump, but by the fuel pressure regulator which is
located after the fuel distributor.
The pressure regulator should maintain system pressure between 88 and 94
The fuel injectors open between 62 and 67 PSI.

You only have 70 PSI, thats barely enough to open the fuel injectors.

In the CIS system, fuel is always flowing from the gas tank and back to the
gas tank. Fuel pump to accumulator, to filter, to fuel distributor, to
pressure regulator, back to fuel tank. Its that pressure regulator at the
end of the line that maintains system pressure at 90 PSI.
If the pressure regulator is shot . . .wide open . .you will get very little
system pressure . . .lots of fuel going round the circuit, but no pressure.
If the pressure regulator is stuck shut . .. you will get the the pressure
that the fuel pump can deliver . .. which I asssume would be over 100 PSI,
but no fuel flow back to the tank. I would think the fuel pump would burn
out pretty quickly under this condition.
If the fuel pump cant deliver the required pressure . . at least 90 PSI. .
.the pressure regulator is in the closed position . fuel flow. This
might be a good place to check. and work backwards from there.

Usually the culprit is the fuel pump. Clogged fuel lines can be another
problem. Clogged fuel screen inside the tank.


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