tech savvy drivers

Henry A Harper III hah at
Fri Dec 17 15:19:27 EST 2004

> How does Suzi fit in there I wonder?  Was this survey in North America
> only?

> >>> Shaun Mullen <smullen at UDel.Edu> 12/17/04 11:48AM >>>
> A new Harris survey of what new technology drivers would like in their
> cars rated Audi second in attacting the most tech savvy drivers.  The
> top 10: 1. Volvo, 2. Audi, 3. Jaguar, 4. BMW, 5. Suzuki, 6. Nissan, 7.
> Lexus, 8. Subaru, 9. Mitsubishi, 10. Isuzu.
> Note the absence of  Mercedes (blowback from all its high tech-related
> quality control problems?) and anything made in North America (natch).

I saw this last week, it was a survey of vehicle owners' self-perception of
their technical savviness - perhaps not the same thing as actual technical

"My Volvo Cross Country has all that safety technology and stuff, so I am
pretty good with technology"...

Says survey results come from Harris' online members, but lead sentence does
read "Americans".


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