Mike's bad driving . . .

Mike Arman armanmik at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 21 09:52:24 EST 2004

>From: "tihol tiholov" <tihol.tiholov at sd27.bc.ca>
>Subject: Re: Continental tires - nail magnets?
> >In the UK it's called the law of sod
>Here's Murphy's law but in this case was traced to Mike's bad driving
>Like at night through abandoned warehouses, construction sites, etc...
>Oh, just feeling goofy at the beggining of the holydays

Bad driving? What bad driving? Just because I have three cell phones, a 
laptop and a 5" TV on the passenger seat, all going at once, I balance a 
McDonald's sandwich in one hand and a Sonic burger in the other, I have a 
gun rack in the back window, three (count 'em) NRA stickers and a Q-list 
sticker covering the back window, a Magnetic Mary on the dashboard (how can 
I get that to stick to the padded dash?), the back seat is full of empty 
Coors cans, and in the glove box I have a Spanish-English profanity phrase 
book and a French-English profanity phrase book, I don't EVER use signals 
until after I make a turn (usually long after), I drive 55 in the left lane 
with my turn signal on for miles and miles, and I drive 125 through 
residential areas (love the sound of the Audi V8 flat out!), all the while 
peering out below the rim of the steering wheel - that's when I remember to 
take my trifocals along with me, usually I park by ear (crunch - OK, stop), 
and I park in the handicapped spaces every chance I get and then limp away 
from the car conspicuously (on my way to the gym) . . . and drive at night 
through deserted warehouses and through construction sites . . . and *I* 
get accused of bad driving? WHO, ME????? Why I've been driving 250 years, 
young man, never had a ticket or an accident (unless you count . . . ummm, 
never mind) . . . grumble mutter mutter . . .

Did I mention I found a place to buy braille overlays for the instruments 
in my airplane? Great - now I won't have to worry about carrying the 
trifocals OR the cane!

Have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year, and watch out for me on the 
interstate - Muhahahahhaha!!!!!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
(Audi V8 . . . it isn't just a car, it's an ADVENTURE!)  

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