[V8] unisured motorist and sliding V8Q

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Tue Dec 21 23:13:54 EST 2004

Yea man, that sounds like total BS to me. Insurance companies often try to
pull a fast one. The insurance "investigators" work on a numbers game. More
claims declined = more pay and promotions. They will decline anything for
the dumbest reasons gambling on the fact that some % of people will be too
dumb to call their bullshit.

The responsibility for the car is the liability of the owner - regardless of
whom is driving the car. If they leave it outside and it is stolen, it is
negligence. If the chick in your case left the keys where they could be
easily taken by her un-licensed boyfriend, she can even be criminally liable
for depraved indifference - the guy could have killed you and she did
nothing. It was her responsibility at the very least to report the car
stolen if he really did steal it as she claims. This does not differ state
to state, its the same everywhere. If she has some cheapskate insurance that
only covers her, its not your problem, the liability for everything that
happens with the car is still on her head. Just because she doesn't have
insurance doesn't mean that she gets to walk away.

The best course of action, rather than doing battle with her insurance
company on your own, is to take her personally to court. Once papers are
served to her, she will scream bloody murder to her insurance company and do
the work for you. Any attorney that she hires will know that she will lose
the case against you and will go after her insurance company instead. You
can likely get away without even hiring anyone - just file the paperwork
yourself ($25 in WA state) and serve her papers ($20-40 courier with
signature). Then just sit back and wait for her to call. If push comes to
shove, any 2-bit lawyer will win the case for you and you can get
garnishments of her pay check, court orders to withdraw funds from her bank
or if she has stocks/retirement, court order for her to sell those to pay

Don't give up, make sure fair reperations are made.

Tyson Varosyan
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That is strange! In Texas even if your car is stolen, and the thief smashes
into another car, your insurance will cover the liability part. That is the
reason a vehicle is on your insurance. I would check with a lawyer
concerning this.

sliding V8 part:

This happened to me once, albeit on a wet road. I took a corner and gave my
5speed the slightest bit of gas and the rear end passed me up! Almost
happened in the 02 S6 this morning as well, luckily the ESP kicked in.

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> > insurance company then called me to tell me that the other
> > car's company wouldn't cover the accident.  Turns out it was
> > the girl's boyfriend who was driving the car - without a
> > license or insurance.  Because "he didn't have her expressed
> > consent" to drive the car, her insurance
> > wouldn't cover the damages to either car.
> You should have called bullsh*t on this.  The guy should have been
> charged with auto theft.
> Otherwise I'll register my wife and my cars in each other's names and
> we'll just say the other didn't have consent.
> Re: sliding V8 -- yes, these things slide around pretty good...
> And they
> go so darn good with snow tires!!
> -DaveC.
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