Audi vs. Subaru?

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Wed Dec 22 20:33:00 EST 2004

New Legacy wagon or an '04/earlier model? Makes a difference to an extent.

'05 Legacy/Outback is all new. Great car, some definite shortcomings
compared to a similarly-priced Audi (A4 or used A6), but some advantages
too. It's not the tin can-like experience of the older Subeys. The interior
is very nice, it's a bit tail-happy (seriously), especially the GT with the
250hp turbo four-cylinder engine.

Things I disliked in the Outback Limited wagon in the tests my magazine did:
power seats didn't adjust as much as Audi power seats do; steering wheel
didn't telescope, it would only tilt; some materials still cheap feeling.
But the $$ is nice, the car is a lot roomier than an A4, and they are pretty


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> Yikes!
> The boss (non car guy) asked me whether he should buy his wife a late model
> A4 quattro or Subaru Legacy wagon.  If it were me, I wouldn't consider the
> Suby, but on the otherhand, I'm not sure I can recomend the A4.  I'm not
> sure I want to hear the "you won't believe how bad the dealer screwed me on
> the busted whatsit" every month!
>> From my experiences with Audis (7, and looking for #8), you really have to
> want some lister is saying, "it's not just a car, it's and
> adventure!"
> John Cassidy

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